Now Playing: Radha Govinda Mandir NYC 2016

Today, we added another 24 tracks with over 16 hours of beautiful Kirtans recorded by Concrete Jungle Kirtan in 2016 with Vasudev, Rupa, Keshava, Gopal, Ananta Govinda and Acyuta Gopi, although that’s only a small fraction of all their recordings.

Our Akanda Nam 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Playlist already contained 24 of their recordings from 2015, so now this is a total of 48 recordings. I’m pretty sure we’re going to add another 24 tracks in the course of this year, because they are really that good! If you want to listen to the what’s now playing, just go to or find us on your favorite Internet radio mobile app. Here’s an overview of how you can listen to 24 Hour Kirtan Radio.

Here’s a more recent beautiful recording from last Sunday with Visvambhar.

The Brooklyn temple hosts regular Kirtan evenings in front of their lovely Sri Sri Radha Govinda deities on Wednesdays and Sundays. There’s also a live video webcast of the temple room, although it seems as it has been on air last time 3 years ago. In case you’re located in New York or visiting the big apple, make sure to attend one of the Kirtans.

(Pictures of Sri Sri Radha Govinda courtesy of Vinay Kumar)

Now Playing: Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival

We’ve just added a small selection of Kirtans from Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival from 2012 through 2017 to our Kirtan playlist.

Last Saturday and Sunday, the 18th annual Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival took place, which was partly broadcasted live on 24 Hour Kirtan Radio via Mayapur.TV. Unfortunetely, after Bhagavat Purana’s ecstatic Kirtan on Sunday evening Mayapur.TV experienced technical problems, so we couldn’t relay Agnidev’s final Kirtan of the festival.

Good quality recordings of the Birmingham Kirtans are not so easily available on the Internet, but we just got confirmation from the organizers that they have recordings from 2012, 2013 and 2014 on CDs. They have 2012 and 2014 (released on Saturday) in stock but not 2013 as they sold out on the weekend. We’ll be adding the 2012 and 2014 recordings to our Kirtan playlist in the next couple of weeks, so please stay tuned!

You can also download a selection of Birmingham Kirtans from our Kirtan store.

Here’s a video of a live recording posted by Mayapur.TV from Agnidev’s Gaura arati Kirtan recorded by Mayapur.TV also last Saturday.

(Kirtan pictures from Birmingham courtesy of Balaram Nityananda, Rohith Kaushik and Amala Purana Darling)

Now Playing: Zürich Nama Sevanam Kirtan Festival April 2017

This small, but very sweet festival takes place every last Saturday of the month. Last Saturday we were lucky to have Yogindra, Ananda Murti and Akincana Krishna as special guests. The recordings have been added to our advanced Kirtan playlist on and can also be downloaded from our Kirtan store for free.

Here’s a short video of the festival with Yogindra leading Kirtan and Ananda Murti on the mridanga.

Stay tuned!

Broadcasting Live from Krishna Balaram Mandir

Vrindavan prabhu doing kirtan

Back in 2012 we’ve done the occasional live broadcast from 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindavan and once from a Kirtan with Madhava in Zürich, but usually we’re playing live recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir and other temples and festivals worldwide.

Today, we’ve again live broadcasted from Krishna Balaram Mandir from 5pm through 7pm IST (India Standard Time, UTC/GMT +5:30 hours) and are going to keep doing that 2 times per week during that time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to tune in during that time, please check which time that is in your local time zone.

Here’s a screen shot of the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio website during live broadcast from Krishna Balaram Mandir.

Screen Shot from 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Website during Live Broadcast from Krishna Balaram Mandir
Screen Shot Audio Player

Technically, this works by relaying the audio from Vrindavan TV to the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio streaming server. You can tune in as usual on Here you can learn more about how to listen to 24 Hour Kirtan Radio on your computer, mobile or Internet radio device.

Stay tuned. Radhe Radhe.

Nicecast Live Broadcast via Vrindavan TV
Nicecast Live Broadcast via Vrindavan TV

More Recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir

In 2015 we’ve added 24 recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir in Brooklyn/New York to our media archive and today we’ve downloaded another 24 beautiful recordings which are currently going through audio pre-production in order to be played on the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio stream via and our various 3rd party radio players like iTunes, TuneIn and our own app. You can also listen to them directly on SoundCloud.

Those 48 recordings are only a small fraction of all Kirtans uploaded to the Concrete Jungle Kirtan SoundCloud account and we would love to have all of those ecstatic high quality Vrindavan style Kirtans in our archive and played on the radio stream, which is why we need volunteers in our audio pre-production team. If you have some basic computer skills, we can provide you with some basic guidelines or teach you from scratch how to use the free, open source software Audacity in order to process Kirtan recordings. If you’re interested, please register on our community platform and leave a comment.

Contribute on our 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Community Platform

Now Playing: Q1 Krishna Balaram Mandir 2016

We’ve just added new live recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan from the second half of December 2015 through March 2016. The picture was taken end of March with Gopal on the mridanga, Govinda, Bhakti Anugraha Janardan Swami, Kirtan Premi and Akincana Krishna leading the Kirtan.

If you tune in to our live radio stream on our website, via iTunes or TuneIn you will also be hearing our wide range of Kirtans not only from Krishna Balaram Mandir, but also from Kirtan festivals around the world. Coming up in the next couple of days will be over 36 hours of recordings from Kirtan Mela Mauritius 2015 which were retrieved from YouTube. This means that the audio quality is not as good as the recordings from other festivals like Radhadesh Mellows, but if festival organizers do not provide high quality recordings, there’s nothing we can do. Nevertheless, we’re still excited to share lower quality recordings with you.

All recordings will also be added to our new mobile app which is currently still in early beta. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get notified once we’re in public beta. Tech-savvy listeners and curious minds are welcome to join our closed beta via GitHub.

Stay tuned. Jay Radhe!

Now Playing: Vaishnava Winter Festival Baltic 2016

Madhava Vaishnava Winter Festival Baltic 2016

We’ve just added new recordings from this year’s Vaishnava Winter Festival Baltic in Lithuania to the active playlist. The seminar and Kirtan event took place from January the 13th until the 17th, 2016 in an exceptionally beautiful place, the seminar and recreation center “Dubingiai” located in a beautiful corner of nature, in a pine forest near Asveja lake. The recreation center has a closed territory. The environment is very quiet and safe.

Ojasvi Vaishnava Winter Festival Baltic 2016
Evening Kirtan with Ojasvi

Here’s one of the Kirtans on our Soundcloud for direct listening. If you want to listen to more Kirtans from recent festivals, please tune in on

Kirtan Mobile App

Kirtan Mobile App

Just imagine you could listen to your favorite Kirtan singers and their latest recordings wherever you are without the hassle of collecting those recordings yourself. Currently, we have a dynamic playlist of around 2000 Kirtans that are playing on, but sometimes you might hear recordings which are not exactly your mood or taste. That’s why we’re going to build a new mobile app similar to Spotify.

This week we officially started planning out the new app and started looking for app developers and designers. We already got some very promising applications. If you’re also interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once the first beta version is out we’re also going to need testers. If you’re an early adopter and would like to help us shape this app, please also get in touch.

If you’re neither a developer nor a designer, don’t be sad. There’s plenty of other service offerings on our community platform 😉

Radhadesh's Gaura-Nitai

Like A River to the Sea

In episode 128 of the Mindrolling podcast Raghu Markus and David Silver from MindPod Network speak to Jahnavi Harrison, a familiar voice for regular 24 Hour Kirtan Radio listeners.

She tells her unique life story – as a child raised at the 700 year old Bhaktivedanta Manor home in the Hertfordshire countryside. Beatle George Harrison (no relation) had donated the estate to the Hare Krishna movement, in 1973. Jahnavi talks of her devotional trajectory from being a child brought up in idyllic rural England to singing to Krishna all over the world. The talk about the cleansing power of the Maha Mantra, her whole life singing Kirtan, and finding that back-and-forth love therein and the universal magnetism of the Maha Mantra. You will hear her sing live and from her new CD, “Like A River To the Sea.”

In the next episode of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast you’re going to be hearing the Maha Mantra track Vrikshavalli Hare Krishna from one of the most incredibly beautiful new Kirtan albums released in 2015. Jahnavi Harrison’s debut album Like a River to the Sea might have the power to melt your heart, because her voice is like molten gold. Here’s a short clip to taste a first drop for starters, but you can also listen to it on Spotify or download the album from iTunes.