Listener Feedback and Interview with Govinda Prabhu

Govinda Prabhu Kirtan

This is the beginning of a podcast series with interviews conducted at Krishna Balaram Mandir in Sri Vrindavan Dhama. Nanda Kishor das speaks with close associates of Aindra prabhu about themselves, about Aindra and 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindavan.


  • 24 Hour Kirtan Radio is looking for additional podcast hosts to produce more interviews, small inspirational talks and selected lectures and Kirtans
  • Listener Feedback from Krsna Caitanya
  • Interview with Govinda Prabhu (starting at ~ 10 minutes)
  • Mystical Maha Mantra Kirtan from Govinda Prabhu’s album Akhanda Nam 3

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2 thoughts on “Listener Feedback and Interview with Govinda Prabhu



    I am a very ardent listener of the Kirtans, being so humbly broadcasted from this platform by all of you in sincere service to the Kind and Blessed Lord,for the convenience of all the devotees throughout the world. I am an avid listener of the kirtans by H.G Aindra prabhu, H.G BBGS ,HG Govinda Prabhu,HG Madhava prabhu,HG Agnidev prabhuji and many other great kirtaniyas . I would humbly request you to please help me find a specific kirtan by HG Govinda prabhu ji ,dated 16.08.2015 at Krishna Balaram Mandir,Vrindavan. In sincere gratitude for the same.

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