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Gopal about Kirtan Standards

Aindra prabhu’s standards for Kirtan were uncompromised. In the last episode of the 24 Hour Kirtan podcast Acincana Krishna prabhu gave us a very good sense of Aindra prabhu’s mood with regard to Kirtan. In this episode one of Aindra prabhu’s main mridanga players, Gopal prabhu, continues to elaborate on the standards established by Aindra […]

Now Playing: Bhakti Sangama Ukraine 2017

Over 33 hours of fresh high quality Kirtan recordings from Bhakti Sangama Ukraine 2017 have been added to our media archive. The festival took place from September 3 through 9, 2017 in Koblevo, a small town in the Ukrainian south-west. We uploaded one recording to our Soundcloud (see below), the other recordings will be played […]

Now Playing: Radha Govinda Mandir NYC 2016

Today, we added another 24 tracks with over 16 hours of beautiful Kirtans recorded by Concrete Jungle Kirtan in 2016 with Vasudev, Rupa, Keshava, Gopal, Ananta Govinda and Acyuta Gopi, although that’s only a small fraction of all their recordings. Our Akanda Nam 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Playlist already contained 24 of their recordings from 2015, so now […]