A Spiritual Happening on the Lower East Side

Srila Prabhupada

Here’s episode #20 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast, recorded and released on Sunday the 20th of December, 2015. Contents 2015 Retrospective and Plans for 2016 A Spiritual Happening on the Lower East Side – read by BTG editor Nagaraja Interview of Satyaraja by Anmial Voices – Feeding the Spirit: Vegetarianism and the Hare Krishna Movement Kirtan […]

Yuga Dharma Harinam Sankirtan

Yuga Dharma Harinam Sankirtan Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

Here’s a powerful Kirtan by Aindra Prabhu in Mayapur 2009 mixed with his elaborations about the importance of yuga dharma harinam sankirtan, the congregational chanting of the maha mantra. On 24hourkirtan.com you can download all of his Mayapur Kirtans in 2009. The pictures were taken today in Sridham Mayapur, the birth place of the yuga dharma harinam sankirtan avatar Sri […]

Kartik Niyam Seva and Interview with Vijay Krsna of the Kirtaniyas

Episode #18 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast is our longest episode so far with over 2 hours of Kirtan related nectar. Contents Auspicious month of Kartik Niyam Seva begins in Vraja Q&A with Vijay Krishna at Bhakti Festival Switzerland 2015 conducted by Krishna Chandra and others (length ~1h 3min, starting at ~13m 45s) Interview with […]

Concrete Jungle Kirtan

Radha Govinda New York on Thursday July 30, 2015

The wonderful devotee known as the Soundcloud user Concrete Jungle Kirtan has to date been capturing and sharing 212 great Kirtans from across New York City many of which have been recorded at Radha Govinda Mandir at 305 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn. The temple was founded in 1966 and since 1972 the presiding Deities are Sri Sri Radha Govinda, uniquely special […]

Interview and Kirtan with Madhava

Madhava Mridanga

Here’s episode #17 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast, recorded on September the 13th, 2015. Contents Upcoming Kirtan Festivals in September, October and November Interview with Madhava in New Jagannatha Puri Dhama Short talk by Madhava at Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2015 Kirtan with Madhava at Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2015 Kirtan festival links mentioned in this episode bhaktifest.com […]

Upcoming International Kirtan Festivals

Abhisheka in Goloka Dhama on Janmasthami

The summer in Europe ended with another Kirtan Mela in Germany this time held at Goloka Dham from September 1st through 4th, 2015, featuring Sacinandana Swami, Kadamba Kanana Swami, Dina Sharana, Badahari, Sarvatma, Ojasvi, Madhavananda, Ramanji and many other wonderful Kirtaniyas. We’re still looking for someone with good quality recordings, so if you happen to know that […]

The Holy Name and Interview with Radha Krpa

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura

After a short summer break we’re releasing episode #16 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast, recorded on Sri Balaram appearance day on Saturday the 29th of August, 2015. Contents New Recordings on 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Reflections on the Holy Name by Bhaktivinoda Thakura (starting at ~10 min) Interview with Radha Kripa from 24 Hour Kirtan in […]

Ratha-Yatra and Interview with Vrindavan Prabhu

Here’s episode #15 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast, probably the best episode we produced so far. Please let us know what you think – good or bad! Contents Chant for Change – International Kirtan Festival in Jagannath Puri The Ecstatic Dancing of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at Ratha-yatra – A dramatic narration by Amal Bhakta (starting at ~ 10 min) […]