Broadcasting Live from Krishna Balaram Mandir

Vrindavan prabhu doing kirtan

Back in 2012 we’ve done the occasional live broadcast from 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindavan and once from a Kirtan with Madhava in Zürich, but usually we’re playing live recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir and other temples and festivals worldwide.

Today, we’ve again live broadcasted from Krishna Balaram Mandir from 5pm through 7pm IST (India Standard Time, UTC/GMT +5:30 hours) and are going to keep doing that 2 times per week during that time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to tune in during that time, please check which time that is in your local time zone.

Here’s a screen shot of the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio website during live broadcast from Krishna Balaram Mandir.

Screen Shot from 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Website during Live Broadcast from Krishna Balaram Mandir
Screen Shot Audio Player

Technically, this works by relaying the audio from Vrindavan TV to the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio streaming server. You can tune in as usual on Here you can learn more about how to listen to 24 Hour Kirtan Radio on your computer, mobile or Internet radio device.

Stay tuned. Radhe Radhe.

Nicecast Live Broadcast via Vrindavan TV
Nicecast Live Broadcast via Vrindavan TV

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