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Now Playing: Radha Govinda Mandir NYC 2016

Today, we added another 24 tracks with over 16 hours of beautiful Kirtans recorded by Concrete Jungle Kirtan in 2016 with Vasudev, Rupa, Keshava, Gopal, Ananta Govinda and Acyuta Gopi, although that’s only a small fraction of all their recordings. Our Akanda Nam 24 Hour Kirtan Radio Playlist already contained 24 of their recordings from 2015, so now […]

Now Playing: Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival

We’ve just added a small selection of Kirtans from Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival from 2012 through 2017 to our Kirtan playlist. Last Saturday and Sunday, the 18th annual Birmingham 24 Hour Kirtan Festival took place, which was partly broadcasted live on 24 Hour Kirtan Radio via Mayapur.TV. Unfortunetely, after Bhagavat Purana’s ecstatic Kirtan on Sunday evening Mayapur.TV experienced technical problems, […]

Now Playing: Zürich Nama Sevanam Kirtan Festival April 2017

This small, but very sweet festival takes place every last Saturday of the month. Last Saturday we were lucky to have Yogindra, Ananda Murti and Akincana Krishna as special guests. The recordings have been added to our advanced Kirtan playlist on and can also be downloaded from our Kirtan store for free. Here’s a short video of […]

Broadcasting Live from Krishna Balaram Mandir

Vrindavan prabhu doing kirtan

Back in 2012 we’ve done the occasional live broadcast from 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindavan and once from a Kirtan with Madhava in Zürich, but usually we’re playing live recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir and other temples and festivals worldwide. Today, we’ve again live broadcasted from Krishna Balaram Mandir from 5pm through 7pm IST (India Standard Time, UTC/GMT +5:30 hours) […]

More Recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir

In 2015 we’ve added 24 recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir in Brooklyn/New York to our media archive and today we’ve downloaded another 24 beautiful recordings which are currently going through audio pre-production in order to be played on the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio stream via and our various 3rd party radio players like iTunes, TuneIn […]