Downloads from Kirtan Festivals Worldwide

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Most of our Kirtan festival recordings from around the world up until 2014 are available as free downloads. The 2015 recordings and some (by the organizer) restricted recordings are exclusively broadcasted on our radio stream and can only be downloaded as a member or through our donation based online store. Part of those membership fees and donations are flowing back to the events as this is one of the 3 main goals of 24 Hour Kirtan Radio, i.e. to support Kirtan festivals worldwide.

7 thoughts on “Downloads from Kirtan Festivals Worldwide

  1. Govinda caran das says:

    Haribol, Dandavats pranams.

    I’m searching for the recording of the kirtan.mêla in Germany 2015 ( recently) and also the recording from the pre kartik festival holy name I. Slovenia ( recently 2 to 4 October 2015)

    Thanks for helping


    • Nanda Kishor Das says:

      Last year’s Kirtan Mela Germany recordings were not so good quality, but I hope it will be better this year as in the initial years. I will contact the organizer and will add the recordings asap. Today, I’ve also contacted two devotees from Slovenia about the festivals this year. On Facebook I read that they have to still process the raw recordings from the Pre-Kartik festival. Let’s hope that they will send us all recordings shortly.

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