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Aindra prabhu’s Kirtans can be downloaded at 

34 thoughts on “Media Archive

  1. Rahul says:

    Dandavat Pranam Prabhu Ji’s, thanks for such a wonderful channel. Krishna’s Mercy, got opportunity to listen to such wonderful bhajans. Bless You

  2. Agniram says:

    Hare Krishna! Provide a link to this track Uttam Bhakta Prabhu – Kirtan Festival Mumbai Sri Krishna Chaitanya in 2013. Thank you so much!

  3. Agniram says:

    It’s just such a nectar !! As it can be downloaded? Now Playing: Acyuta Gopi – Radhadesh Mellows 2014 Track 20 I listen and ecstatic !!!

    • Nanda Kishor Das says:

      I somehow missed your comments from February. Kirtan Festival Mumbai and Radhadesh Mellows are restricted, because of the festival organizer. You need to either contact them directly or become a member of 24 Hour Kirtan Radio do be able to download them.

  4. Agniram says:

    Hare Krishna! Tell me, I understand. now free to download from your site is nothing impossible? That is, it turns out that the holy name- Mahamantra is now sold for money? Can you imagine Lord Chaitanya, who would sit and sold holy name instead of what would have to go and sing it in all towns and villages? Lord Chaitanya’s mission was to give each of the holy name, and he did not ask for it, no one money. Is Kali Yuga because you act that simple truth somewhere away from you? Can you imagine how Chaitanya in a jacket with a laptop calculates its profit for the distribution of the holy name? What would you say to that Prabhupada? Should we expect that on line esters have also become paid?

    • Nanda Kishor Das says:

      We are still migrating our media archive to a new server and once completed will continue to offer over 95% of all kirtans played on the radio station as free downloads as before, i.e. over 50 GB of MP3s. We’re going to store the files on Google’s cloud platform, so the downloads will be lighting fast for everyone around the world. Are you aware that it costs laxmi to offer all those kirtans as free downloads? In the meantime you can download Aindra prabhu’s kirtans for free from

      The remaining 5% that are not offered as free downloads cannot be bought, but you can download them from the same lighting fast cloud platform for a donation or by becoming a member of 24 Hour Kirtan Radio which does not require you to pay anything, either, if you select the Krishna Balaram membership. You see, there are lots of options and we hope that you can see that we’re not trying to make money with our efforts in order to enrich ourselves. 24 Hour Kirtan Radio is a Swiss non-profit organization.

  5. Agniram says:

    Hare Krishna! Tell me how you can download the track Aindra Prabhu – Templ Kirtan 12 | 22 | 2001
    It’s just ecstatic !!!!!


    HKP PAMHO !!

    I had recently heard an online radio stream of kirtan by HG Govind Prabhu ,titled ”GOVIND KBM 16.08.2015” . I was really moved by the melodious exhibition of this particular kirtan . Can I procure it from some way, by any mechanism by your mercy prji? . Please help me get this kirtan . Your magnanimity for the same will always be revered by me. Dandavat pranam.

    ys kshitij.

  7. Jaya Shri Radhe DD says:

    We play this channel 24 hours at our home. Thank you so much, this is amazing service. I heard a kirtan about 1 nd half hours back and i wish to download it. It was playing at 3:30 am pacific time on 1st aug 2017. Couldn’t find much details about the track. Please help in getting the recording. Hope you are able to find it by time nd date.

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