For Tomorrow

Our politicians pay lip service to it. Our technology is indifferent to it. Our commerce despises it. Nonetheless, it is the weightiest and most important thing to think about. Spirit. The living force. The soul. Srila Prabhupada wrote that society’s most vexing and painful problems could be redressed by simply realizing who we are: individual, eternal loving beings.

Today, this type of knowledge is rarely found; those who practice this knowledge, rarer still. Can a coherent, stable, unified culture be created out of people of diverse traditions, languages, and religions? Can human beings go beyond their superficial differences and work together in a spirit of cooperation?

For Tomorrow leaves aside these bigger questions, focusing instead on a typical day in the life of 12-year-old Mayapur Gurukula student Purushottama and his school-friends. Through training, introspection, and perseverance, the boys set aside their differences to serve a common transcendent purpose: giving pleasure to the Supreme Person, Sri Krishna.

Puru’s typical day turns out to be not so typical after all, as he gains an experience which will forever alter the lens through which he sees the world.

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