Now Playing: Q1 Krishna Balaram Mandir 2016

We’ve just added new live recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan from the second half of December 2015 through March 2016. The picture was taken end of March with Gopal on the mridanga, Govinda, Bhakti Anugraha Janardan Swami, Kirtan Premi and Akincana Krishna leading the Kirtan.

If you tune in to our live radio stream on our website, via iTunes or TuneIn you will also be hearing our wide range of Kirtans not only from Krishna Balaram Mandir, but also from Kirtan festivals around the world. Coming up in the next couple of days will be over 36 hours of recordings from Kirtan Mela Mauritius 2015 which were retrieved from YouTube. This means that the audio quality is not as good as the recordings from other festivals like Radhadesh Mellows, but if festival organizers do not provide high quality recordings, there’s nothing we can do. Nevertheless, we’re still excited to share lower quality recordings with you.

All recordings will also be added to our new mobile app which is currently still in early beta. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get notified once we’re in public beta. Tech-savvy listeners and curious minds are welcome to join our closed beta via GitHub.

Stay tuned. Jay Radhe!

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