Like A River to the Sea

In episode 128 of the Mindrolling podcast Raghu Markus and David Silver from MindPod Network speak to Jahnavi Harrison, a familiar voice for regular 24 Hour Kirtan Radio listeners.

She tells her unique life story – as a child raised at the 700 year old Bhaktivedanta Manor home in the Hertfordshire countryside. Beatle George Harrison (no relation) had donated the estate to the Hare Krishna movement, in 1973. Jahnavi talks of her devotional trajectory from being a child brought up in idyllic rural England to singing to Krishna all over the world. The talk about the cleansing power of the Maha Mantra, her whole life singing Kirtan, and finding that back-and-forth love therein and the universal magnetism of the Maha Mantra. You will hear her sing live and from her new CD, “Like A River To the Sea.”

In the next episode of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast you’re going to be hearing the Maha Mantra track Vrikshavalli Hare Krishna from one of the most incredibly beautiful new Kirtan albums released in 2015. Jahnavi Harrison’s debut album Like a River to the Sea might have the power to melt your heart, because her voice is like molten gold. Here’s a short clip to taste a first drop for starters, but you can also listen to it on Spotify or download the album from iTunes.

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