Radio Streams

24 Hour Kirtan Radio

The best traditional Vaishnava Kirtans on the planet. Always fresh and constantly changing playlist from Vrindavan, Mayapur and Kirtan festivals around the world.

Raydio Kirtan

Our new channel playing contemporary Vaisnhava music productions from different genres like rock, hip-hop, electronica, etc. Tune in on

How to Listen

There are various ways of listening to 24 Hour Kirtan Radio and Raydio Kirtan. The easiest way is to go to the home page of each website. If the stream does not automatically start, just click the play button.

You can also download many of our kirtans, but if you want to listen to our latest and exclusive recordings, please tune in to the radio streams using your mobile or desktop device.


We’re currently working on our own mobile app. In the meantime you have the following options on your mobile device.


Just go to the home page of and click the play button.

iOS, Android, BlackBerry

TuneIn Mobile AppUse the TuneIn mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry. Once it’s installed, search for kirtan in the app and you should find 24 Hour Kirtan Mandali Radio very easily (this will work if your phone is connected on a WiFi, 3G or even on Edge if the connection is not too poor)


Virtual Radio App for Symbian (Nokia)For all Nokia (Symbian) users: we recently have also been added to the Virtual Radio app!



Just go to the home page of The audio stream should play automatically, if not, click the play button next to the 24 Hour Kirtan Mandali Radio logo.


Tune in with iTunes under Internet Radio / Religious / 24 Hour Kirtan Mandali Radio.

iTunes Screenshot 1  iTunes Screenshot 2

20 thoughts on “Radio Streams

  1. Martin says:

    A nice 128 mp3-stream! Maybe it’s possible to realise a 48kbps aac-stream as well? Such a stream consumes less bandwith, which makes it possible to listen to the station on a mobile phone.


    • Nanda Kishor says:

      If you’re using the TuneIn App it will automatically provide you with the best stream possible. We’re using 128k because on iTunes this is the minimum in order to be listed as a radio station and most of our listeners are streaming us via iTunes.

      • Martin says:

        We’re blessed iTunes lists this channel. The TuneIn-app plays the stream nicely, but only lists one stream, 128 mp3. That’s perfect on wifi, but on a cellular network it uses to much bandwidth. A second, smaller bandwidth aac-stream would be great. It’s just a wish 🙂

        Hare Krishna!

    • Nanda Kishor Das says:

      Since a couple of month we also offer a 64 kbps MP3 stream. All streams are listed on this page The player on our website as well as TuneIn is now also aware of both of our streams, i.e. 128 and 64 kbps, so you should have less problems when listening on the go. My personal experience is that it works fine on a good Edge connection.

  2. Craig Louis Stehr says:

    Hari bol! I have for some years been suggesting a caravan of chanting to go around the beltway in Washington D.C. Recently, this was suggested to both NYC and D.C. Occupy. (Years before, I chanted the mahamantram three times around the White House to bind the bogus energy within, while being part of the anti-nuclear vigil across the street in Lafayette Park). Am presently staying on the westbank of New Orleans assisting n anarchist friend who was beaten up by police for protesting the unnecessary demolition of the public housing. Feel free to make contact with me at The D.C. beltway action still needs to be performed, y’all. HARE KRISHNA

  3. ivand says:

    Martin, it is possible to make a stream on Shoutcast, it is not so hard – you can also make your own. See:
    I myself tried it – this works. You can also set lower bitrate. You just have to download necessary music (or even video streams), and put that into one folder for server. Server must always be online, so lower bitrate and higher speed of line will allow more users and less gaps during play.
    Actually what I’ld like to advice to do – to allow users to form a playlist.
    Just like on any fm radio – you call to radio station and say: “please, play some music of George Harrison, his My Sweet Lord” etc. Or, if we all use internet – then it is better if server allows all of us to go to server and set which tracks we would like to play next…
    Of course this can be done manually – make own playlists, only for my computer. But if hundreds and thousands devotees come to one website and rate all kinds of music – then playlist will become better, and quality of music will grow, and nectar from 24 kirtan fm will increase.
    Martin, as for listing on iTunes inet radio stations list – if station is good – it will be included. But of course for me it is also a good news to it in iTunes. though iTunes is buggy. You know Steve Jobs used to come to ISKCON Temple, so probably that’s why his iTunes included Hare Krishna station (this might mean Steve Jobs/Apple has some sukriti).
    As for me – I like also RKC radio –, and there is also Utah Krishna radio. Butthey seem to have smaller archieve and no new music (just my oppinion). I think these all Krishna stations must unite into one big station. Then it should become 34 Hour Video Kirtan (now we have youtube, just it requires some people to choose best video kirtans to make 24 video kirtan Internet TV). Devotees may have financial and other diffiulties so they can’t come to all those kirtans personally, so they should get this sadhu-sangha in internet – Krishna radio, Krishna videos/TV etc.

    • Nanda Kishor says:

      Haribol Prabhu, on we have 2 download sections, one is under “media archive” in the main navigation on top of this page, the other one under “store”, i.e. You can also download Aindra Prabhu’s Kirtans at There you’ll also find more recent recordings from Krishna Balaram Mandir.

      Some Kirtans we play on and are not available for download, because the artist or festival organizer has not granted us permission to do so, e.g. Radhadesh Mellows can be downloaded from their website.

  4. Martin says:

    Hello, I would like to add kirtan radio to my int. radio player, by inputting its URL.
    However, I’m not finding any URL anywhere.
    Could you please provide it?
    The best wishes

  5. Krishna das says:

    I am deeply tuched by this wonderful presentation of 24 hourkirtan radio. In the 90 ties we spend long nights ugualy with bakta Stefan from France chanting holy name inside of Krishna Balaram temple./and dreaming that one day all the world will be listening to us/ At that time Ahindra prabhu use tu come in with some other devoties around 4 am and chanting would explode culminating in opening of the deities for arati at 4h30.
    At that time i understood the greatnes of kirtan and chanting the maha mantra in asembly of devoties.
    Ahindra prabhu was by fahr closer tu Krishna den any other devoties i ever met in the premises of Krishna Balaram temle.And for that reason i felt that he will not stay for long time in this world.Just before my retour tu Europe he gave me a recorded tape of the kirtan in which i had participate /playing tampura/ and i felt deep tenderness behind the hard skin of discipline which he ugualy dusplayed.
    I have no doubt that Ahindra prabhu is doing today what he has always donne: chanting the glory of the Supreme Godhead Krishna in the dimension of pure devoties. His karma in this world has bean totaly consumed trough the divine grace of the holy name.

  6. Pancali says:

    Hare Krishna!

    Thank you very much for your service.

    I’ve noticed that the Tunein radio doesn’t work anymore for 24 hour kirtan radio. When I try to access it, I get a message to say it’s no longer available. Is there a problem with it?

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