More Recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir

In 2015 we’ve added 24 recordings from Radha Govinda Mandir in Brooklyn/New York to our media archive and today we’ve downloaded another 24 beautiful recordings which are currently going through audio pre-production in order to be played on the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio stream via and our various 3rd party radio players like iTunes, TuneIn and our own app. You can also listen to them directly on SoundCloud.

Those 48 recordings are only a small fraction of all Kirtans uploaded to the Concrete Jungle Kirtan SoundCloud account and we would love to have all of those ecstatic high quality Vrindavan style Kirtans in our archive and played on the radio stream, which is why we need volunteers in our audio pre-production team. If you have some basic computer skills, we can provide you with some basic guidelines or teach you from scratch how to use the free, open source software Audacity in order to process Kirtan recordings. If you’re interested, please register on our community platform and leave a comment.

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