A Spiritual Happening on the Lower East Side

Srila Prabhupada

Here’s episode #20 of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast, recorded and released on Sunday the 20th of December, 2015.


  • 2015 Retrospective and Plans for 2016
  • A Spiritual Happening on the Lower East Side – read by BTG editor Nagaraja
  • Interview of Satyaraja by Anmial Voices – Feeding the Spirit: Vegetarianism and the Hare Krishna Movement
  • Kirtan with Amala Harinama Prabhu at Kirtan Mela Germany 2015


Kirtans & Background Music

  • Krishna Prema Mayi Radha (feat. Kirtan Premi) – soundcloud.com
  • Madhmad Sarang – soundcloud.com
  • The Happening Album: “Krishna Consciousness” (Hare Krishna Mantra Chant and Chant to the Mercy of the Spiritual Master)
  • Polish Ambassador – Sri Gurvastakam ft Kirtaniyas – soundcloud.com
  • Kirtan Mela Nama Yajna with H tamiflu dosing.G. Amala Harinama Prabhu 03.09.2015 in Goloka Dhama-Germany – vimeo.com

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