The Mayapuris – The Kirtan Experience

YouTube is like a big ocean of Kirtan related videos that just have to be discovered – or something like that 😉

Here’s a really nice high quality compilation of The Mayapuris performing their legendary Bengali style Mridanga drum playing and singing, first standing than sitting.

Blended into the kirtan performance, Visvambhar, Krishna Kishor and Balaram Tirtha are speaking about their understanding and realizations of Kirtan.

3 thoughts on “The Mayapuris – The Kirtan Experience

  1. Kapel says:

    You guys are the best and I listen to you everyday. When will you be in New York or New Jersey. I hope to see you live. I go to India but miss your kirtans. Thank you for you lovely k kirtans. Hare Krishna…

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