Why do you love Kirtan?

Krishna Balaram Mandir Kirtan 2015

On our 24 Hour Kirtan Radio live stream we’re playing all sorts of inspirational short talks or jingles in between Kirtans. Today, we’ve added an audio recorder or voice mail feature to our website which you can see below and also on the right side of the screen (desktop only).

We’d love you to send us a short message of up to 90 seconds.

You can say whatever you like, but can also pick one of the following examples (replace name, city and country with your name, city and country):

  • Haribol, this is [name] from [city in country] and you’re listening to 24 Hour Kirtan Radio.
  • Radhe Radhe, this is [name] from [city in country] and I love Kirtan, because singing the Holy Name is more uplifting than anything else in the world.
  • Hare Krishna, this is [name] from [city in country] and I love 24 Hour Kirtan Radio, because they’re always playing the best Gaudiya style Kirtan on the web.
  • … or just be creative and say something nice about Kirtan that spontaneously comes to your mind.

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