Maha Mantra Kirtan Albums on Spotify

Maha Mantra Kirtan Albums Playlist

Nothing is more powerful than personally being in Kirtan at a temple or festival with other Kirtaniyas. In between those ecstatic experiences, 24 Hour Kirtan Radio offers you various channels for listening to Maha Mantra Kirtan and today yet another channel has been added. Many of you might already know Spotify.

Play any song, anywhere, instantly with Spotify Premium. Listen offline, play on-demand and no ads.

Spotify Kirtan PlaylistYou don’t necessarily need Spotify Premium and you don’t need to listen to any song – our new Maha Mantra Kirtan Albums playlist will do just fine. The best experience is if you select shuffle play, which is easy to find on the mobile app. In the desktop app it is on the bottom right side (see screenshot on the bottom of the page). If you don’t have Spotify Premium, you will hear ads in between Kirtans, so if you prefer to hear inspirational talks in between Kirtans instead, please listen to our regular radio stream every now and then 😉

So far we have added albums (studio recordings) by Srila Prabhupada, Aindra, Vayasaki, Prema Hara, the Kirtaniyas and others. As this is a public collaborative playlist, please feel free to add other Maha Mantra Kirtans you find on Spotify, preferably Gaudiya style Kirtans. Stay tuned!

Spotify Shuffle Play

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