Now Playing: Vaishnava Summer Festival BALTIC 2014

Vaisnava Summer Festival BALTIC 2014

The devotees in Lithuania are organizing two amazing festivals called the Vaishnava winter festival – BALTIC and the Vaishnava summer festival – BALTIC. There are various seminars taking place during the day combined with Kirtan in between and in the evenings. They also seem to have a very well organized program for children which makes it an interesting destination for families wanting to engage in sravanam and kirtanam.

Vaisnava Summer Festival BALTIC 2014
Ecstasy at Vaisnava Summer Festival BALTIC 2014

The first set of recordings is now available in our media archive and is now playing on our radio stream. Thanks to Dulala Candra Prabhu for sending us over 1 GB of recordings and thanks to Madhav Gharmalkar for editing and naming the recordings.

Stay tuned. Radhe Radhe.

Video from winter edition 2014

Video from summer edition 2014

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