Now Playing: Chicago Festival of the Holy Name 2015

On January the 3rd we’ve added some very sweet Kirtans recorded during the Festival of the Holy Name 2015 in Chicago with Akhanda Nam, Anishri, Darshana, Jaya Jagannath, Mukunda, Nilamadhava and Ratish. We’ve slightly optimized the volume level of the Soundcloud tracks which are now bing broadcasted on

You can also listen to those recordings exclusively at the Chicago temple’s Soundcloud page and even download them.

When you walk into the temple especially during Krishna Fest (every Sunday), you will experience the true unity in diversity in the ISKCON Chicago family where 40+ nationalities are represented. They serve together, dance together, learn together and build strong friendships forgetting their superficial differences.

The temple offers many regular spiritual educational programs throughout Chicagoland including the
Vamsi School Of Music which provides the aspiring devotional musician with professional-quality training based on the principles of eastern and western music theory. The student is expected to learn through sincere studies and guided meditation to awaken deep personal expression through music.

For more pictures and daily darshan of their beautiful deities, please visit their Facebook page.

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