Madi das with his kids

Bhakti Without Borders

Here’s our first episode of the 24 Hour Kirtan Podcast in 2016, recorded on January, 3rd. Contents Kirtan Events from December 2015 through February...


Like A River to the Sea

In episode 128 of the Mindrolling podcast Raghu Markus and David Silver from MindPod Network speak to Jahnavi Harrison, a familiar voice for regular 24 Hour Kirtan Radio listeners....

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Krishna Balaram Mandir Kirtan 2015

Why do you love Kirtan?

On our 24 Hour Kirtan Radio live stream we’re playing all sorts of inspirational short talks or jingles in between Kirtans. Today, we’ve added...

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Radha Govinda New York on Thursday July 30, 2015

Concrete Jungle Kirtan

The wonderful devotee known as the Soundcloud user Concrete Jungle Kirtan has to date been capturing and sharing 212 great Kirtans from across New York...

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